How do I care for my fire pit and teak table top?

To protect the surface of your fire pit , apply a natural wax twice a year. Use a 100% cotton towel or applicator pad that won’t scratch, apply by hand, and wax small areas at a time with tight circular motions. Let the wax dry and polish. The concrete is sealed to prevent marks and stains. Clean as needed with a damp cloth, just be sure to avoid abrasive cleaners. Remove red wine or vinegar spills immediately to avoid etching.

For the teak table top, remove dirt, debris, and spills as they happen with mild soap, water, and a sponge. Teak is mold resistant, however, dirt and debris that linger on the product are not. If you notice minor scratches or stains, you can sand your teak by hand with very fine sandpaper before cleaning.

Covering your furniture (especially if you're expecting harsh weather) will greatly prolong the lifespan of the wood.

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