How do I qualify for Neighbor's Trade Program?

To qualify for our trade program, applicants must meet the following criteria, ensuring that our services and benefits are tailored to professionals who operate within the design, architecture, and construction industries, among others:

  1. Professional Status: You should be a practicing professional in fields related to interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, home staging, construction, or a similar industry that necessitates the procurement of furniture and decor for project implementation.
  2. Business Verification: Applicants are required to provide valid documentation for business verification. This includes a business license, professional certification, or membership in a recognized industry organization (e.g., ASID, IIDA, AIA, etc.).
  3. Tax Exemption or Resale Certificate: For tax purposes and to confirm that purchases may be for resale, a valid tax exemption certificate or resale certificate corresponding to the state or country where purchases will be shipped is necessary.
  4. Portfolio or Website: Submission of a portfolio or an active professional website showcasing past projects can be requested to verify the scope of work and professional engagement in relevant industries.
  5. Completed Application: A fully completed application form, provided by our company, must be submitted. This form collects basic information about your business, professional background, and the nature of your projects.

Meeting these qualifications ensures that our trade program remains exclusive to professionals, providing specialized services, discounts, and benefits that support their business needs and project goals.

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