What are your cushions made of?

Our cushions are crafted with high-quality materials designed for comfort, durability, and easy maintenance. Here’s a breakdown of what makes our cushions so special:

  • Reticulated Foam: This innovative foam is the core of our seat cushions. Its open-cell structure allows for excellent breathability, ensuring the cushions dry quickly after getting wet. This foam is also incredibly durable and resistant to mold, mildew, and the damaging effects of sunlight and water, providing a supportive and comfortable seating experience.
  • Polyester Batting: To enhance the comfort of our seat cushions, we wrap the reticulated foam in soft polyester batting. This adds an extra layer of plushness, making your seat more inviting and comfortable. The combination of reticulated foam and polyester batting ensures our cushions strike the perfect balance between softness and support.
  • Blown Fiber Fill: We use blown fiber fill in some of our back cushions. This material is light and fluffy, offering a cloud-like feel that cradles you in comfort. It's perfect for back cushions where you want softer, more adaptable support.
  • Sunbrella Fabric: Our cushions are covered in Sunbrella fabric, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to fading, mildew, and staining. This fabric comes in various stylish colors and patterns, designed to stay vibrant and beautiful through all weather. Plus, it's easy to clean, ensuring your outdoor furniture looks pristine with minimal effort.

Together, these materials create cushions that are not only comfortable and stylish but also built to last and easy to care for. Whether you're enjoying a sunny day or a cool evening outdoors, our cushions ensure your space is as cozy as your indoor living room and just as enduring.

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